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At Isla Law Offices, we assist clients who need help with personal injury claims in West Virginia and Ohio. After getting injured in an accident, there are so many things that must be addressed and managed. On top of the physical and emotional pain you are facing, you also have to deal with financial struggles due to lost income and expensive medical bills. Our Weirton personal injury lawyer can help you pursue the full compensation you need and deserve.

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What Can I Be Compensated for in a Personal Injury Claim?

If you have been involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you have already endured a great deal of suffering, and the future might seem uncertain. You are probably wondering what type of compensation you are entitled to. While the specific answer depends on the particular circumstances of your accident – how it occurred, the nature of your injuries, who is liable, etc. – we can help you gain a general understanding of the types of losses that could be covered.

You may be able to file a personal injury claim to get compensated for a variety of damages, including:

  • Hospital and ambulance bills
  • Physical therapy
  • Medical supplies and medications
  • Surgeries and other procedures
  • Lost wages and loss of future earnings
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional trauma
  • Property damages
  • Out of pocket expenses

If your loved one incurred a fatal injury, you could be entitled to wrongful death damages. The losses for which you may be able to seek compensation include funeral and burial costs, loss of the decedent’s future earnings, medical expenses, and loss of consortium.

Comparative Negligence Laws in Ohio & West Virginia

Throughout the United States, personal injury cases revolve around negligence laws. While some states rely on contributory negligence statutes (i.e. an accident victim cannot recover damages if they hold any fault for the accident), both Ohio and West Virginia use comparative negligence laws.

Under comparative negligence laws, the amount of compensation an injury victim can claim is proportionate to their level of fault. In Ohio and West Virginia, individuals can only recover compensation if they are less than 50% responsible for the accident. Therefore, if you are determined to be more than 50% liable, you will not be entitled to any damages. In the case of someone determined to be 49% at fault, they will receive 51% of the value of the losses they have incurred.

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As you can see from above, it is imperative to prove that another person or entity can be held fully or mostly responsible for your accident and injuries. Our Weirton personal injury attorney can help you build a strong case to minimize your liability and maximize your compensation.

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