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Weirton Child Custody Attorney

Protecting the Best Interests of Children & Parents in West Virginia

Deciding who receives custody of a child is one of the most important decisions to be made during any legal separation or divorce. It can also be the most emotionally charged. At Isla Law Offices, we listen to all your concerns and set you on a practical course that supports the best interests of your child.

With qualified legal support, divorcing couples can implement beneficial methods of sharing parenting time with their children. We can clarify state custody laws for you and help you identify what will work best for you and your family.

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How Does Custody Work in Ohio?

Custody laws vary slightly from state to state. In Ohio, custody can be awarded as joint custody or sole custody. Joint custody is also referred to as shared parenting. If you have more than one child, the court may, in some cases, award split custody, allowing each parent to obtain full custody over one child.

These are tough issues to negotiate between divorcing parents. But we can help you find solutions and work out the best option for your child. If a court judge needs to make the decision for you, we can handle every detail of the litigation process and fight for your interests.

What Is Shared Parenting in West Virginia?

West Virginia custody laws prefer a shared parenting arrangement over sole custody. Shared parenting allows a child access to both parents.

These are the two types of shared parenting:

  • Basic shared parenting: an arrangement under which one parent keeps a child or children overnight for less than 35% of the year
  • Extended shared parenting: an arrangement under which each parent keeps a child or children overnight for more than 35% of the year

In either type, both parents contribute to the child’s expenses, in addition to the payment of child support.

When dealing with child custody in West Virginia, there is a lot at stake for you and your child. We aim for amicable resolutions and can help you draft a parenting plan that creates the least amount of upheaval in your child’s life.


Even after a divorce is settled, your circumstances can change. You or your former spouse may want to make changes to agreements, including custody. We are aware that the last thing you want to do is go back to court. Just as we successfully helped a client with a custody modification in the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, we can help you navigate this uncertainty and continue to advocate for your child’s best interests.

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