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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Weirton

Help from an Accomplished Bankruptcy Attorney with 25+ Years’ Experience

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an option for individuals and families in financial crisis. The goal of Chapter 7 is to give you a fresh start by relieving most of your debt through asset liquidation. With more than 25 years of experience, Attorney Roger A. Isla can help you effectively manage each step of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process.

Contact our Weirton Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney when you need assistance with:

  • Determining your eligibility for Chapter 7
  • Scheduling required credit counseling (attorney code 562561) from an approved credit counseling agency
  • Compiling information on your assets and liabilities, debtors, and other important documentation
  • Filing a petition for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

To schedule a free consultation with our experienced bankruptcy lawyer, call (304) 404-7050 today. We serve clients in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Determining Your Eligibility for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you are considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in West Virginia, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, your income level determines your eligibility. If your current monthly income is less than the median for your state, you are eligible. If it is more, you need to take the bankruptcy means test to determine whether you can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or consider Chapter 13 as a more suitable alternative.

As an established bankruptcy lawyer serving clients across the tri-state area, Attorney Isla understands how intimidating this process can be. At Isla Law Offices, our goal is to make the process as simple and easy as possible. We are well-versed in means test calculations and can quickly help you determine your eligibility.

Chapter 7 & Property Exemptions

Federal Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws allow you to protect some personal property from your creditors. Pennsylvania residents have the option to choose either the state’s bankruptcy exemptions or the federal government exemptions based on a person's individual situation, while West Virginia and Ohio filers must follow the state exemptions.

Exempt property may include:

  • Equity in your primary home
  • Household items
  • Life insurance and disability benefits
  • Retirement funds

The best way to determine the property you will be entitled to keep is by reviewing your unique circumstances with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer. In Weirton, Steubenville, and throughout the tri-state area, Isla Law Offices can help you today.

Get the Bankruptcy Guidance You Need in the Tri-State Area

Chapter 7 can be your way out of overwhelming debt. Before your visit, we can let you know what materials to bring that will allow us to effectively assess your bankruptcy options. Our office is conveniently located in downtown Weirton and is accessible from anywhere in the West Virginia panhandle, eastern Ohio, or western Pennsylvania.

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