Knowledgeable Weirton, WV Bankruptcy Attorney

Should you file for bankruptcy?

Financial strain can take a toll on anyone, especially individuals and families who are afraid they may be in danger of losing their homes and other precious assets. When debt repayment begins to feel impossible, bankruptcy in West Virginia may be a solution for you. I am Roger A. Isla and I have been practicing bankruptcy law in the tri-state area since 1995 and can guide you through the steps to making this crucial decision.

What are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13?

In the past year, nearly 5,000 non-business bankruptcy claims were filed in West Virginia. Claims are filed under different chapters of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, each with unique rules and requirements. I can help you understand what type of bankruptcy filing is appropriate to your situation. Considerations include your income and your debt load:

  • If you have very limited resources, you may be eligible to file under Chapter 7.
  • If you have income and can pay back part of your debt, I can help you file under Chapter 13.

We discuss all your options and I clearly explain the exemptions specific to Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia residents. In West Virginia, Isla Law Offices helps to put these challenging issues into a practical framework. Together, we can make the best decision and begin your transition to more stable financial footing.

Where can you get more information?

Bankruptcy law is federal, so the process is nearly the same in Washington County, PA or West Virginia. Still, the process can be difficult in any state.

For help with understanding the complexities of bankruptcy, I recommend visiting the following online resources:

Information specific to tri-state residents can also be found at the United States Bankruptcy Court’s pages:

My priority is to help you feel comfortable and reassured. When you need an Ohio, Pennsylvania or West Virginia bankruptcy attorney in the tri-state area, you can rely on the attorney voted Best Bankruptcy Attorney by the Weirton Daily Times. Residents of Washington County, PA do not have to travel into Pittsburgh for a bankruptcy hearing. I file a motion to change the venue and get your bankruptcy case heard in Wheeling, WV.

Get the legal help you need in the tri-state area

You do not have to struggle under overwhelming debt. Make an appointment for a free consultation with me, attorney Roger A. Isla at our Weirton office at 304.914.3573 or contact Isla Law Offices online. Our office is conveniently located in downtown Weirton and is accessible from anywhere in the West Virginia panhandle, eastern Ohio or western Pennsylvania. Before your visit, I will let you know what materials to bring that will allow me to effectively assess your Ohio, Pennsylvania or West Virginia bankruptcy options.